There are a great many favorite bird images that are widely requested in body art designs, however there is a definitive split in the choices of female tattoo aficionados in comparison to their male counterparts. While women are more likely to go for pretty feminine designs, featuring brightly colored and exotic species such as the love bird, parakeet or humming bird, men are drawn to more masculine species such as birds of prey. Hawk TattoosOne of the most popular designs of this kind are those featuring hawk tattoos as many men can relate to the characteristics and attributes of these intelligent birds that evoke connotations of strength, speed, power, flight and liberty. Bird tattoos on the whole, symbolize freedom and liberation; however each species also offers different meanings in addition to the traditional interpretation associated with these designs. The hawk, is a prime example of this, and has a lot to offer both aesthetically and symbolically as a body art design.

These majestic and noble birds make beautiful body art designs that suit a variety of different body parts however these are ideal for displaying on a larger skin surface particularly with the wings spanned across an area like the shoulders or back. If you are fortunate enough to find a skilled tattooist with experience in designs of this nature, his artistic talent will be able to bring this design to life on your skin. Some of these hawk tattoos are so intricately detailed in a manner that makes the feathers look almost real enough to stroke, thanks to the realistic attention to detail. Hawks can also be depicted in a more abstract manner, in black monochrome ink using the style of tribal artwork, and these can also make a strong visual impact even in smaller designs. While the majority of these designs depict a full bodied version of the bird, often in full flight, some designs can be illustrated just using its head and distinctive shaped, hooked beak.

Hawk TattoosMany bird of prey species throughout the centuries have been adopted by military organizations as an emblem used in war and battles, hawk tattoos offer alternative interpretations. In many cultures, the hawk was viewed as a messenger and protector but it was greatly revered for its keen visionary powers thanks to its astute eyesight. It was deemed that the hawk’s extra sensory-vision allowed him to see things that others did not; ensuring that it never missed a thing. As body art, this image could represent an individual who with strong powers of awareness and intuition, who also has the gift of insight and perspective. The hawk is also a symbol of creativity, decisiveness and leadership as well as representing admirable attributes such as truth, caution and attention to detail so it offers many traits for the individual to relate or aspire too. It is also a solar symbol, associated with the sun and fire, so these elements could also be incorporated into the overall design to give your tattoo even deeper meaning if preferred.