Since the dawn of time, nature has played a significant part in civilizations from one end of the globe to the other so it is not surprising that throughout the ages and right through to the modern day, this has also proved a popular theme for many body art designs. From flora and fauna, thought to land and sea animals as well as insects and birds, these have become firm favorites with both male and female tattoo fans, and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down. Cardinal TattooWhile women seem to have the monopoly on flowers and winged insects such as the dragon fly or butterfly, their male counterparts prefer wild animals to express their masculinity and birds are also popular with many men. However, while the machismo images associated with birds of prey like the hawk, eagle and falcon remain popular there are other beautiful bird images such as the cardinal tattoo that offer a more individual approach for those who want a design that expresses connotations of flight and freedom.

In this respect, all bird images share this common denominator when it comes to symbolism and it is this seemingly boundless freedom combined with the ability to fly high and away from anything and everything that appeals to so many. However, the cardinal is actually a very beautiful and vibrantly colored bird which makes it ideal for transformation into body art designs on both men and women, whether for aesthetic or personal reasons

As a bird lover, the cardinal tattoo may be chosen simply because it is the individual’s favorite bird however it is actually quite a cute and pretty image on its own right thanks to its vivid orange-red plumage and quirky, spikey crest. It is this distinctive coloring that gives it its name, as this is deemed to resemble the scarlet robes worn by cardinals in the Catholic Church. This particular species however is native to north and South America making it an interesting and more unique alternative to more commonly requested exotic birds like the humming bird or parakeet. Cardinal TattooThese work well as single images for placement on a smaller surface of skin or in conjunction with additional imagery following a similar theme such as trees, flowers and winged insects. It can also be used for larger designs which may show the bird perched on the branches of a tree surrounded by exotic flowers and blossom with bees and butterflies floating around it for additional effect.

The rich fiery tones of this little bird’s feathers in its natural form look even more amazing when inked on the human skin and the overall effect whether this is used as a stand alone image or as part of a larger design, truly makes a stunning visual impact. These can also be depicted in flight against a background of sky and clouds which is worth considering simply for the contrasting effect of the red-orange hues against the sky blue for a design that will really stand out, even as a smaller more simplistic version.