Birds and animals have long been a popular choice for tattoo enthusiasts the world over so what is it about these particular body art images that gives them such a wide appeal? The answer generally is fairly simple and that is because we humans often relate to the characteristics and traits associated with a specific creature so it is this affinity that draws many of us to these designs. Blackbird TattooThe symbolism represented by a particular animal is another key reason however there are some individuals who opt for a bird or animal tattoo simply because they like it. The humble blackbird tattoo could fall into any of these categories although it is also a very versatile image that can be used in a variety of different ways but as it is predominantly illustrated using black ink, so it will usually cost less too than its more colourful counterparts. The only splash of colour is the yellow-orange of its beak and a ring of the same colour around its dark, expressive eyes. Whether this bird is depicted on its own or flying among a flock of its kind, it really stands out when inked against the contrasting pale of human skin and will certainly attract the eye for all the right reasons.

Many birds with largely black plumage could come under the category of a blackbird tattoos however many of them offer darker, more negative connotations than the popular blackbird which is renowned for its distinctive song. This low-pitched fluted warble is both varied and melodious is a common sound in the countryside or garden from early spring through to summer evoking thoughts of cheer and harmony as it goes. In some cultures, the blackbird is also deemed to be a divine messenger or oracle through its song which was believed to convey a message of hope and positive outcomes from the gods above. Birds in general are generally associated with flying high and free so as well as having links with the higher realms, blackbirds also have connotations of higher intelligence, thinking and principles too.

Blackbird TattooThere is an old saying that goes: a bird robed in black does not give up its secrets, so this is another popular symbolism tied into a blackbird tattoo, indicating the wearer has the ability to keep a secret or even reminding them of the wisdom of keeping secrets. Therefore blackbirds are also associated with learning and wisdom but have also featured in literature, poems, nursery rhymes and even songs over the years. In general, it is more often associated with positive connotations unlike many other black birds or animals that may be considered unlucky or offer more negative attributes. The ancient Greeks believed the blackbird was sacred however it was to them a symbol of destruction in many classical folklore tales. However as body art, the symbolism is very much down to individual preference and like most tattoos can be tweaked if necessary to suit the wearer. Adding some brighter images, like a tree or floral branch as a backdrop for your blackbird will also lighten up the design and will help detract from any potential misinterpretation.